Enchante Pet Collar Small Tie


This small tie is perfect addition if you’re in the market for increasing your pet’s adorable status while also increasing their ranking in the business world.

Enchante Pet Collar Small Tie


This small tie is sure to increase all of the most important factors about your pet. It can likely allow such factors as greater approachability, more professionalism in the work place, an uptick in style points, and even a perceived heavier charisma.

Warnings: Pet use of this tie should be supervised and the tie should be removed from pet access if it becomes damaged. Do not let this tie sit near heating sources or open flames.

Care Instructions: Do not wash. Periodically spot clean as needed.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 oz

Blue & White Flowers, Tie-Dye


One Size: Fits Collars 3/8in – 5/8in Width


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