Meet the Inspiration

Bella Ewens

Bella Ewens is the founder and creative mind behind the famous Bunnydayoff social media trend on Instagram and Tiktok. What began as a fun time dancing with her bunnies quickly gained traction and sensation around the world. Bella’s bunnies have since been featured with various social media influencers, on the news, in advertisements, and even on Netflix. Bella has an immense love and care for her little furry friends and she desires to create an online experience where furry and scaly friend caretakers alike can find quality and fun pet products to both care for their little friends as well as stylize them like Bella’s stars. Not only this, but Bella seeks to create a brand image that represents responsible animal ownership and a brand that gives back to the animal kingdom.

What PawsMood provides

The value in our brand goes beyond your local chain pet store. Regarding our pet care items, we seek to provide safe and quality products for your pets that you can be confident in providing to them for their highest level of care. As far as the style options go, we go beyond your local pet store selection of generic pet clothes that typically only cater to k9 and feline kinds. We want you to be able to style your loved pets of all kinds in many different ways.

Six British Shorthair cats staring upwards together
Bubble bunny posing on a chair with pet glasses and a cool dark hoodie

Our Dedication to Our Customers

PawsMood holds a strong dedication to making sure that our customers are receiving a positive experience. We want to make sure that you receive the best service every time that you choose to shop with us. We don’t just provide the clothing but we provide the service experience. We want to develop a trusting relationship with our customers. For more information on our quality control process and our guarantees, check out our quality guarantee.

Promoting responsible pet and giving back to the animal kingdom

Through the articles and influence of PawsMood, Bella seeks to create a brand image that represents a responsible mind when caring for your pets. All pets deserve proper love, care, and attention and this is the message that we seek to promote. As a part of this mission, PawsMood donates five percent of our profits from sales with PawsMood back to animal shelters in order to give pets a better hope in a brighter future.*

*Donations exclude taxes, shipping, fees, and returns

happy Doberman being hugged by a woman

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