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Introduction to PawsMood and Its Founders

Bella Ewens, the founder behind PawsMood, has a long history of innovation and pet care. Bella grew up in Chiang Mai, Thailand where she found a love for animals from an early age. Nobody really knows where Bella got her animal love from. Her family certainly has no extensive history with pets and animals. Perhaps it was just something intrinsic to her nature and the care in her heart. In Bella’s Thailand childhood, she eventually found room for an inclusive variety of animals, including dogs, cats, bunnies, fish, and more. As Bella grew, her love for animals continued on into her adult years. Even in her little university apartment, she managed to care for and love on her pets.

After university, Bella also found another love in travel. She began to travel internationally to a variety of destinations and eventually found her way to the United States of America. Although she did not make this country her home on her first visit, after a few years of exploring the world, she eventually returned and she eventually met me, her loving husband, and decided to settle down for the foreseeable future in the U.S. It is here that she again rekindled her animal love and found a place in our home for bunnies and cats.

Bella a in front of colorful mural holding Calvin British Shorthair cat with a Christmas Outfit

Not long after this, she felt it positive to share her bunny and cat loves with the world through social media. She found herself some pet glasses and found it fun and inspirational to post videos of the bunnies dancing on her @bunnydayoff Tiktok and @bunnydayoff Instagram. Not long after starting this venture, her dancing bunnies took of to stardom in the influencer world. Bella was so happy that her bunnies were being enjoyed and loved by millions of viewers worldwide. It far exceeded her initial hopes.

Shortly after her social media popularity surged, she began regularly getting user requests for where to buy the products that she used in her videos. This eventually started to happen daily and she thought that it may be helpful to share these products with the world too. This is when the PawsMood idea was born. Through PawsMood, Bella focused in on a mission to provide quality affordable products to pet owners. Through her experience owning various pets, she had learned the best products to use in order to give her pets the best things in life. This is the vision of PawsMood and where it derives from. In a world that is full of large pet supply corporations and a vast array of online stores, it can sometimes be hard to learn who to trust and who not to trust. PawsMood is desired to be a safe haven of such a place.

Bella sitting at a table and holding Michael the miniature Netherland Dwarf bunny

In addition to this core principle, PawsMood is also inspired to bring a variety of pet products for a variety of pet types. It became very apparent to Bella that the vast majority of pet supply resources are primarily targeted at dog and cat products. Although this is fine, as an alternative pet owner, it is sometimes discouraging to enter a pet store and find a lacking section for this pet type or a lacking section for that pet type. PawsMood aims to diversify its products and be a resource for alternative pet owners.

We hope that you enjoy this resource for your pet products that we have worked very hard on to produce. We look forward to serving you now and in the near future through PawsMood and we have the highest hopes for your pet loves. We hope to give back to the pet community, both through our purchase five percent donation promise and through quality products for your lovely little animals.



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